Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gaza - Israel's Butchering Block

By Dr. Elias Akleh
Palestine Chronicle

".....Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies had opposed the elected Hamas government since day one. Abbas boycotted it, tried to topple it, and eventually illegally declared it dissolved, and appointed a replacement puppet government. He sent his security forces to every town in the West Bank to arrest and to kidnap all Hamas supporters and activists and jailed them. Abbas, himself, sabotaged every attempt of reconciliation with Hamas and forming a unity government. He became a partner to Israel in its blockade against Gaza residents. He joined the Israelis in discrediting, criminalizing, and belittling Hamas. He provided Israel with intelligence information about Hamas so the Israeli army could, in its latest aggression, destroy Hamas. Abbas has sent orders to his elite security forces, training in Jordan, to get ready to move in Gaza to control it after Israel finishes off Hamas.

There was a call for an urgently needed Arab summit to deal with the latest Israeli attack. Yet this was sabotaged by Egyptian officials who insisted on having a meeting of Arab foreign ministers first to determine if such a summit is really needed. Initially this meeting was scheduled on Wednesday, but then was pushed back to Friday January 2nd, too late for any help for Gaza. This delay will give the Israelis enough time to destroy the whole Gaza Strip. Arab summits, so far, have been sabotaged by “moderate” leaders to produce only verbal condemnation......"

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