Friday, January 2, 2009

Israel's Dogs of War

A Defining Moment for the Human Rights Movement


"Israel’s dogs of war have been baying for blood for some time now. They have sniffed their prey with ravenous lust as if they have been the ones starved of food instead of the Palestinians whom they have primed for slaughter. Now the pack is encircling Gaza, teeth bared and snarling, while others do their dirty work from the skies. To them, the blood of women and children smells the same as that of the menfolk who fight to defend them......

.... Netanyahu is waiting in the wings and likely to emerge the victor whatever this military assault achieves. From past experience, that will be yet another cease-fire: senseless blood spilled that changes nothing for the Palestinians or the Israelis. It does, however, raise the spectre of the transfer of some 1.5 million exhausted Palestinians.

The West Bank would be next – subjugation in labour camps under a further weakened and acquiescent Palestinian Authority or another population transfer of the remaining 2.6 million Palestinians out of their homeland forever.

Transfer is just another euphemism for ethnic cleansing and is no mere conjecture. Tzipi Livni has recently suggested the transfer to the truncated West Bank of almost 1.5 million Palestinians living as second-class citizens in Israel, despite their roots in the land and residency long before Israel was created...."

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