Thursday, April 2, 2009

Support the Hope Fleet

The Free Gaza Movement

"The Free Gaza Movement will again challenge Israel's illegal closure of the Gaza Strip by sailing a flotilla of passenger and cargo ships to Gaza in late May 2009. Please help support this important initiative. Our aim is to highlight the illegality of Israel’s sea blockade. This maritime siege is an act of collective punishment adding to the misery suffered by all inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

Since August 2008, our small, yet committed group has completed five successful voyages, delivering human rights workers & humanitarian supplies to those in desperate need. Each voyage helps lessen Gaza's terrible isolation from the world.

When our governments fail to act, we - the citizens of the world - must stand up and make our voices heard.

At the end of May 2009, we are inviting all those who believe in the International Declaration of Human Rights to sail with us from Cyprus to Gaza. You will need to supply the ship, but we can help you to find an excellent crew. Our international flotilla will be called THE HOPE FLEET.

We need as many ships as possible to show the people of Palestine that the world is not deaf to their cries for justice. Please help fund a ship for this historic voyage.

If you are interested in joining or supporting this action, please email Iristulip(at) We are already collecting names and information as we prepare for this historic journey. With your help, we will make the HOPE FLEET a reality."

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