Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egypt and the Aggressive Claims Against Hezbollah


"09/04/2009 Israel and Egypt are looking for ways to get even with ‘opponents’ or to escape forward......

Generally speaking, the row between Egypt and the Zionist entity could be settled through diplomatic channels. Yet, Israel’s new extremist government is unlikely to stand silent on Cairo’s stance. Israel has defied the US and the international community and has tumbled down years of hard talks by refusing a two state solution in occupied Palestine.

The Zionist state’s coup de maitre came Wednesday when it warned Israelis of “an imminent attack” in Egypt’s Sinai and called on the several thousand Israelis in the Peninsula to leave immediately and abandon plans to mark “Passover” holiday there.

Meanwhile, Egypt was still disarrayed especially after its isolation by most Arabs was established in the Doha Arab summit, mainly for its insistence on isolating Gaza and keeping the Rafah crossing closed during war.
Cairo has adopted the policy of escaping forward to discharge distress on the one hand and to take vengeance on Hezbollah, the party whose chief criticized the Egyptian regime for its position on the Israeli war on Gaza.

On Wednesday, Egypt’s state prosecutor claimed that Hezbollah was plotting to carry out attacks inside the country and ‘spreading Shiite ideology in Egypt.”.....

Hezbollah stressed on many occasions that it had no activity outside Lebanon and that its sole focus was on countering Israeli threats against Lebanon and confronting any Zionist aggression on its soil. "

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