Tuesday, April 7, 2009


By Eric Margolis

"The global financial crisis that began on Wall Street has put the world in a surly, frightened mood. At least 25 million peoples have been thrown out of work by the made-in-USA crisis.
People around the globe are angrily blaming the international crisis on the United States and on their own leaders. Politicians everywhere are in a panic as public unrest grows......

The right answer is make financial institutions come clean and fire the fraudsters who ran them into the ground. Then temporarily nationalize these banks and insurers and break them up into smaller firms that are not too big to fail. The bankers, brokers, traders and credit rating agencies responsible for the greatest fraud in US history, the subprime and Alt-A mortgage scams, should join crook Bernie Madoff behind bars.

The panic of 08 laid bare just how much Wall Street controlled and manipulated the US government. The axis of sleaze between Wall Street and Washington’s politicians has to be broken. But, so far, this is not happening. "

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