Thursday, April 9, 2009

In the settlers' sights

Palestinians opposing Jewish settlement in Ush Ghrab have shown courage but their efforts are futile without support

Ben White, Thursday 9 April 2009

"The flat top of the small hill is deserted, as we walk among the gutted concrete buildings. The graffiti on the wall declares that "the Jews will keep this land". This is Ush Ghrab, a small piece of land in Beit Sahour, south of Jerusalem, and a target for religious settlers seeking yet another colony in the Bethlehem region......

One of the factors for the Palestinians feeling that it is "hopeless" is the way the Oslo Accords and Palestinian Authority have developed since the 1990s. Qumsiyeh believes that in some respects this "killed activism" on the ground: "Most people I talk to are demoralised. They think the PA is corrupt, that there is collaboration at the highest level, so they ask, 'Why should I put my neck on the line as an individual?'"........."

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