Friday, September 28, 2007

Israeli reporter still roaming in Syria: Yediot

I think that this story is significant, even though it has received little attention. This reporter has published more than one story from inside Syria, and continues to do so. It is inconceivable that he is in Syria without coordinating with the Syrian regime. Is this the "tough" Syrian response to the aerial Israeli attack on Syria?


"28/09/2007 Ynet said its reporter and commentator Ron Ben-Yishai continues his journey in Syria, attends "Yom Kippur service at the last synagogue in Damascus." Yediot Aharonot had earlier published a report saying Ben-Yishai had visited what the daily said was the Israeli air raid site in Deir el-Zor, north east of Syria. Observers say that the Israeli reporter had made several reports in Syria and took snapshots to support his stories and then left the Arab country back to occupied Palestine to publish them one at a time."

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