Thursday, September 18, 2008

What is Terrorism?

By Vittorio Arrigoni
The Free Gaza Movement

".....Few days ago

9/11 victims were sadly commemorated remembering a day of mourning for whole humanity, not only for New York citizens or for Chileans looking back on thousands of people dead and disappeared after Pinochet golpe.

But I'm wondering how many 9/11's are taking place every day around the world and every day here in Gaza where 1,5 millions of innocent people are dying slowly, cut off into the bigger open prison ever built in the world.

In the video, which I'm kindly asking you to spread as I did with the former one, we can see a tangible example of terrorism showing every day off the Gazan coasts.

A clear and definitive terrorism which doesn't admit objections or uncertainties about its definition, a 'made in Israel' terrorism.

Fishermen that we are often taking offshore, where the sea is more generous for fishing, few days ago paid a high price.

On Monday 10th of September, at about 5 pm, at a distance of 6 miles from the gazan coasts, in palestinian waters, an Israeli military gunboat deliberately rushed at high speed against one of our fishing boats, that day without internationals on board.

The impact was devastating for the fragile palestinian fishing boat (as it's shown in the video), the israeli military gun boat ran into one side of the fishing boat, literally passing over it and then going on over and sailing on the opposite side.

On the prow marks left on the wood from the Israeli engine turbines are perfectly visible.

Luckily the boat was fishing at that time and it was, therefore, steady and well-judged in water, otherwise it would have tipped over with all the crew which would have certainly died......."

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