Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel met with resistance at heart of Gaza

Press TV

"Despite intensifying its military campaign and mobilizing its forces closer to the heart of Gaza, Israel has failed to break the resistance.

On Thursday, Israeli tanks and troops advanced to within 2 km of Gaza City, where they were met with fierce resistance by Palestinian fighters. Palestinian fighters hit two Israeli tanks with RPG shells, Hamas affiliated al-Manar reported. Since yesterday 33 Israeli soldiers have been wounded during the fighting.

The Palestinians who have the upper hand in knowing the battleground are preventing Israel's military troops and convoys from advancing further.

The resistance fighters, reportedly, use sophisticated underground tunnels to cut around Israeli troops, while Palestinian snipers target Israelis from unexpected vantage points.

Since midnight, at least 30 Israeli tanks have entered the densely-populated neighborhood of Tal al-Hawa in southern Gaza City, shelling houses and exchanging heavy fire with Palestinian fighters, witnesses said.

Tel Aviv has also intensified its strikes on the Gazans, killing and wounding more civilians......"

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