Thursday, January 15, 2009

War Rages in Gaza, Arabs Engage in “War of Summits”


"15/01/2009 Israel continues its war on Gaza for the 20th day and Divided Arab leaders are engaged in a ‘war of summits.’

Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani has said that the call for an ‘urgent Arab Summit’ Friday in Doha was still standing.
Sheikh Hamad emphasized that “discussing the situation in Gaza and the Israeli aggression in a consultative session is shameful,” signaling the Arab Economic summit due Sunday in Kuwait......
Sheikh Hamad stressed Arabs should have one position and come out with decisions that would guarantee the halt of Israel’s aggression. He reminded that “practical proposals” have been prepared for the Doha summit to stop the aggression including “the immediate stop of the attack, the immediate withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces, the opening of crossings, lifting the illegal blockade and guaranteeing the free movement of individuals and establishing a fund to rebuild Gaza in which Qatar would donate $250 million.” The Emir added that proposals also include suspending the Arab “peace” process, stop normalization with Israel and work on bringing Israeli officials to international courts for their crimes against the Palestinian people.......

There are three “summits” to be held in three days.....Even Arab League chief Amr Mussa seems not so eager for the Doha summit.......
Egypt and Saudi Arabia are leading an aggressive campaign to thwart the Doha summit so that no ‘embarrassing’ decisions would be taken on the one hand, and to deprive Syrian President Bashar Assad of a solid platform to criticize President Husni Mubarak and King Abdullah as he did during the 2006 Israeli aggression on Lebanon,” an Egyptian source told Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar.

Egyptian FM Ahmed Abul Gheit saidthere is no need for an emergency Arab summit.”...... Saudi Arabia, for its part, said it does not see holding an emergency summit in Doha “appropriate”. “It is not rational that Arab leaders meet before Arab FMs meet.”...... "

COMMENT: To the Arab masses: With "leaders" like these, who needs enemies! Only you, collectively, can rise up regardless of the sacrifice and put an end to this historic disgrace. Is the Gaza Massacre not enough for you to act? Remember, silence and inactivity is complicity. Do you want the blood of Gaza's women and children to be on your hands?

What a disgrace for a once proud nation!

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