Saturday, June 21, 2008

After the US Occupation Bought off the Iraqi Resistance for $10 a Day: Afghanistan foreign troop deaths in June exceed those in Iraq

"CNN) -- Five foreign troops were killed Saturday in Afghanistan, bringing the number of NATO and U.S.-led coalition troop deaths in June to 32 -- more than in Iraq.

Foreign troop deaths in the Afghan war have been exceeding those in the Iraq conflict in recent weeks, according to figures compiled by CNN.

The trend reflects a surge in attacks and clashes during the warmer months in Afghanistan, where U.S.- and NATO-led troops have been fighting tenacious Taliban militants. It also points to a decrease in violence in Iraq.

Four service members assigned to the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan were killed Saturday by a roadside bomb and small-arms fire on a Task Force Phoenix convoy, said Lt. Col. Paul Fanning, spokesman for the U.S. military........"

Comment: Not only that the Iraqi resistance has faded while the Afghan resistance is gaining strength, but also the Afghans have avoided sectarian and ethnic divisions and killing each other unlike the Iraqis. I have to admit that I am deeply disappointed in the way the Iraqi resistance has turned; the occupation, unfortunately, outsmarted the Iraqis. Will the Iraqis learn? I doubt it; killing each other is more important for them than resisting the occupation.

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