Friday, June 20, 2008

The Welfare-Warfare State

How it works

By Justin Raimondo

"As I write, the House of Representatives is passing a "supplemental" war-funding bill – an event that one would think ought to be the occasion for a renewed debate on the war, whether to end it or, as John McCain would like, to escalate it. One, however, would be quite wrong. The halls of Congress are virtually silent, this election year, as a war the American people oppose continues and threatens to spread. As for the discussion in the media: check out this piece in The Politico – which is chock full of discussion about the bill's non-war related add-ons, and barely mentions the war as an issue, except as a bargaining chip.......

If and when Bush starts World War III, remember that he couldn't have done it without the invaluable complicity of his Democratic enablers, especially those in Congress. They funded a war that could never be contained within the borders of Iraq, and was bound to drag in neighboring countries – as predicted by many war critics, including this one, well before the invasion. ......

Antiwar voters, who voted Democrat last time around, have been betrayed so many times that they've stopped noticing it. What may get their attention, however, is the sound of bombs falling over Tehran – but, by that time, alas, it will far too late…."

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