Friday, June 20, 2008

Real News Video: Taliban forces alter strategy

"Following a three day offensive by Afghan and NATO forces, 56 Taliban fighters were killed just outside Kandahar in the Arghandab district. Casualty figures remain unconfirmed. Although Afghan officials claimed victory Special Newsweek Correspondent Sami Yousafzai reports that small skirmishes are what Taliban forces want in order to make it difficult for NATO forces "to manage and focus.""

Comment: It seems that the Afghan resistance is more adept and effective in using guerrilla tactics than the Iraqi resistance. We do not see a large scale trap for the resistance such as we saw in Fallujah. Notice, towards the end of the video, the emphasis on limiting the size of any group of fighters to no more than 5-8 with no more than 2 commanders in any given area.

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