Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How many innocent people are going out of their minds today?

Guantánamo has proved a useful distraction from the secret detention camps run by the US around the world

By George Monbiot
The Guardian, Tuesday June 17 2008

"We shouldn't be surprised to hear that George Bush dined with a group of historians on Sunday night. The president has spent much of his second term pleading with history. But however hard he lobbies the gatekeepers of memory, he will surely be judged the worst president the United States has ever had.......

Never mind detention without trial; this is detention without acknowledgement. When men and women disappear into this system, neither they nor their families know where they are. The Red Cross cannot reach them; they are beyond the scope of the law. They have been disappeared in the Latin American sense of that word.......

Along with its innocent victims, the US government has locked itself into this system. As the justice department has argued, these prisoners cannot be released in case they describe the "alternative interrogation methods" (the euphemism it uses for torture) the CIA used on them, which could "reasonably be expected to cause extremely grave damage". Like almost everything Bush has done, this programme promises to backfire. George Bush will be remembered not only for the lives he has broken, but also for smashing everything he claimed to defend."

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