Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Norman G. Finkelstein

COMMENT: Must watch videos (8 minutes total)


Right now I'm chatting with an ICAHD friend of mine who lives in Jerusalem. She just told me that a house that was rebuilt in 2007 summer camp was demolished three days ago. I attended this year's camp - guess whose webpage informed me about the event? - and we rebuilt a house right next to this one (this year's camp was the biggest so far, I think. We rebuilt two houses and repaired our "base" in Anata). I visited the house, talked with the family. Now I hear that three days ago, at 5 am, the Israeli police came and kicked the family out. They demolished the house in half an hour. ICAHD will send emails/announcements very soon.
Here you have two videos about a demolition that happened last summer (2008) in Beit Hanina.....

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