Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Throw another log on the fire

From Missing Links

"......As the Front for Jihad and Change said in a recent open letter to both Shiite and Sunni religious authorities:

What happened was treason and a contemptible commercial bargain entered into by the weak of spirit. What was sold was history and the ummah and religion; the price was a few dirhams and an illusory (or fraudulent) authority; and the seller was the enemy of the ummah; but the deal was done...

There is something about that idea of a sale of what is important "for the price of a few dirhams and an illusory or fraudulent authority" that stays with one.

Anyway, here we go again. Only this time with the experts lined up in support of the wise and benevolent American policy, once they can figure out in detail what that policy is. And only this time without even the acknowledgment of actual Iraqi resistance to these benevolent policies--only terrorists and outlaws."

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