Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tehran and Damascus are Singing the Same Tune: Syria: Clinton nomination proves Obama wants Mideast peace

"Syrian source tells Qatari al-Watan that Hillary Clinton's appointment to office of secretary of state will 'render US a power for positive change' in world; peace talks with Israel expected to flourish.

Syria commended US president elect Barack Obama's appointment of Hillary Clinton to the office of secretary of state, and an official Syrian source told the Qatari al-Watan daily that the appointment highlights the new administration's commitment to achieving peace in the Middle East......"

COMMENT: On which planet those idiots in Damascus live? Or is it simply their ASSIGNED role to be cheerleaders for the softer Empire, or else?
At this point, if Obama were to appoint Bibi Netanyahu as his Secretary of State, both Damascus and Tehran would be praising such a decision and describing it as a proof of Obama's serious intentions for "peace" in the Middle East. Political bankruptcy in both capitals knows no limits.

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