Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Breaking News........Breaking News.........The Dialog...........The Dialog.......BARF, AGAIN!

Mishaal: Egypt embarks on formulating a final reconciliation draft

"CAIRO, (PIC)-- Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas political bureau, said Monday that Omar Suleiman, the Egyptian intelligence director, told the Palestinian factions that he would embark in the coming days on formulating a final draft of reconciliation. [COMMENT: I feel so much better now knowing that the CIA operative and the Pharaoh's "Intelligence" Chief is in charge of formulating such a "reconciliation." I am sure that he has my interests, and the interests of 10 million Palestinians at heart. If that is the case, who needs you Mr. Mishaal?]

Mishaal told a news conference held in Cairo that this reconciliation draft will be submitted to the Palestinian factions in October before they attend the national meeting to be held in Cairo......."

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