Thursday, October 1, 2009

WMD All Over Again

by Philip Giraldi, October 01, 2009

"It is possible to wake up in October 2009 and imagine that one is still in George W. Bush’s America. President Barack Obama promised change but has yet to deliver unless one counts his ownership of a huge budget-busting stimulus package that would likely make even Alan Greenspan recoil in horror. Overseas, the United States is still embroiled in Iraq in support of a government that is increasingly developing into one party rule while a new surge into Afghanistan is being considered that might add as many as 45,000 soldiers to a conflict that appears to have no realizable objective and surely cannot be won.

The Obama policy in the Middle East is little more than a series of talking points. President Obama’s speech to the United Nations in which he made clear his resolve to oppose Israeli settlement expansion was essentially toothless. Absent any resolve to cut aid to Israel or to sever defense co-production agreements, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu can thumb his nose at Washington. And Obama’s wiggle room on the issue is limited by clear signals from Congress and the media that any attempt to muzzle Tel Aviv will be strongly resisted, leading to a likely major foreign policy defeat for the president. Will he take on the Lobby to bring about a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians? All signs are that he will not, even though it is strongly in the US national interest to do so........

.......The real question for the United States and its citizens should be whether or not Iran constitutes a serious danger and whether the threat level mandates Washington’s launching of another war on the heels of two unsuccessful forays into the Muslim world. Many Americans might also observe that the cost of such a journey into darkness would have catastrophic effect on a crumbling US economy. One could reasonably ask why Congress and the media seem intent on setting the US on a path that can only lead to war, a conflict that could easily have consequences that would gravely damage the United States and its people. Unfortunately, we have seen all this before and recently. Remember the WMD, pilotless drones, chemical weapon labs, and mushroom clouds? The same song is being sung again, but this time everyone should recognize a con job when they see it coming."

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