Monday, July 12, 2010

Ann, We Hardly Knew Ye

Coulter vs. the neocons

by Justin Raimondo, July 12, 2010

"....Faced with the spectacle of their own country falling apart at the seams, Americans are increasingly hostile to the idea that we need to be “nation-building” in Afghanistan, or anywhere else but right here at home. Once the Republican party grasps the political opportunity this offers them – or, at least, some Republicans do – the Obama-ites’ game is up. Eager to prove how “responsible” they are when it comes to issues of national security, the Democrats will no doubt foolishly allow this, lured by the myth of traditional Democratic “weakness” when it comes to war-making and keeping the nation safe (two separate issues which they habitually conflate). If this realignment takes place on account of partisanship, and purely for political reasons, then that’s the kind of opportunism I can live with quite happily. "

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