Monday, June 6, 2011

More From the Keystone Cops in Libya: Libyan rebels' advances near Misrata wiped out by Nato orders

Fighters in catch-22 as Nato instruction to pull back ahead of air strikes causes them to lose gains against Gaddafi's forces

The Guardian

"....On Monday the ground they so expensively captured had to be given back on Nato instructions. [Some "revolution" you have, Mr. Karzai!]

Nato officials deny there are red lines. They say their main concern is targeting, and making sure civilians are not in the areas they plan to strike.

Lines of communication are long. Rebels at the frontline report to Nato's liaison in Benghazi about targets they have seen and what the rebels themselves plan to do. Benghazi then reports to Nato.

Meanwhile, Gaddafi remains in control of much of the country, and some in his forces remain defiant...."

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