Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Repost From March 27: Which One Will Go Next?

This was the question posed:

Tell us in the comments section, which one of these despots you think will be ousted next?

This was my guess:

My own guess is that it will be Saleh of Yemen.


Yemeni opposition is more mature, well-organized and led, and it started earlier. It remained peaceful even when provoked by the dictator and his thugs. The last act was the slaughter of over 52 and the injuring of hundreds by regime snipers.

Also, Yemeni society showed an admirable degree of cohesion and has avoided tribalism and sectarianism. It insisted all along on national unity. It did not buy Saleh's lies about "Al-Qa'ida threat."

Finally, the army and its leadership has played a largely positive role, supportive of the revolution.

Good for Yemen!”

I also wrote this:

“I agree that Gaddafi appears to be the first to go. However, my suspicion is that the US/NATO will keep him in a small enclave around Tripoli to keep the "rebels" afraid of him and dependent on them.

Remember, Saddam was kept for almost 10 years while the no-fly zone was enforced. Why? to drive the Kurdish and the puppet Shiite leadership to be dependent on the "coalition.' This is a constant in imperial policy.

My guess is that Gaddafi will be deliberately kept for a while until the Western control of the uprising is total and guaranteed.”

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