Saturday, June 4, 2011

Syrian city holds mass funerals

Residents bury dozens of people killed by security forces during marches on "Children's Freedom Friday" in Hama.


"Most shops are closed in the central Syrian city of Hama as funerals are held for scores of protesters shot dead by security [of the regime, not the people.] forces a day earlier, local residents say.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London-based independent rights group, said on Saturday that at least 48 people were killed the day before in Hama, which has become a new centre for protest and violence.

A Syrian human rights activist put Friday's death toll among protesters at 63, up from an initial count of 48. Most of the dead were killed in Hama after troops opened fire on crowds.

Sources in Syria confirmed that the internet had been mostly restored, after authorities shut it down on Friday.

At least 1,270 people have been killed [in Egypt about 800 were killed in the uprising, and Egypt's population is 4 times that of Syria] since an uprising against Bashar Assad's government began in mid-March, according to the Local Co-ordination Committees, which helps organise and document Syria's protests.

In 1982, the Syrian government of Hafez al-Assad, father of Bashar, heavily bombed the city to crush an uprising, killing thousands...."

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