Friday, November 25, 2011

Egyptians Have Lost Their Fear. There’s No Going Back Now

by Heba Fatma Morayef
(Heba Fatma Morayef is the Egypt researcher at Human Rights Watch)

"....The growing numbers in the square confirm that there is no way back. There are no easy fixes. The military has for months pretended that the civilian government has some independence, while every Egyptian knows that the Prime Minister has no power to make decisions without SCAF approval. These protests loudly proclaim a breakdown in trust in the military. They also reflect public outrage at the continuing military repression and at economic and political paralysis.

The SCAF needs to understand that it cannot ignore the demands of Tahrir protesters and dismiss them as a non-representative minority. The time has come for a genuine transition to civilian rule, led by a broad-based national consensus government."

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