Tuesday, July 22, 2008

US ‘Olive Branches’ Aren’t What They Seem

By Linda Heard

"......In reality, America’s “hug an Iranian” announcements were put out for effect. It was a PR stunt for the benefit of the American public, which is fed up to the teeth with wars overall, and it also served as a message for the more dovish among Washington’s European partners as well as China and Russia on the lines of “See! We tried the diplomatic option and it hasn’t worked. There’s nothing more we can do. Now it’s up to you to get wholeheartedly on board with our plans.”

The US attempts at rapprochement with Iran last week should be viewed as nothing more than a spoonful of sugar before the medicine goes down. Indeed, the meeting in Geneva between Iran and the sextet of world powers had hardly broken up when US officials and their allies began administering unpleasant tasting cod liver oil as part of what looked like an orchestrated response.

Ms. Rice quickly cast of her sugary alter ego and reverted to type with accusations that Iran was indulging in small talk to waste time and threats of renewed US, European and UN sanctions. And, yesterday, during a visit to Israel, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown accused Iran of making “abhorrent threats toward Israel” while warning Tehran of Britain’s determination to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapons program......."

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