Thursday, March 25, 2010

Read it and Puke! Al-Manar’s Interview with Syrian President Bashar Assad

Al-Manar’s Interview with Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Interview conducted by Amr Nassif

"Introduction: Whenever they criticize the official Arab regime, Arab journalists usually use the expression: "The majority of the Arab regimes," to distinguish some Arab leaders, at the top of whom comes President Bashar Assad who enjoys special characteristics in the minds of the Arab citizens [such as duplicity, double talk, servility, mendacity, saying something in Arabic and its opposite in English, turning the other cheek when repeatedly slapped by Israel, trying to repeat what Sadat did 30 years ago, working as a CIA subcontractor in secret, terrorizing his own citizens while talking about freedom and democracy, serving as the latest Caliph in the Arab world, doing a balancing act between Iran and Uncle Sam, and much, much more!]....."

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