Monday, May 28, 2012

Et Tu Carlos Latuff ?

I was never a fan of his childish style and primitive metaphors. The only reason he made a name for himself is because he supported Palestinians and leftists gravitated towards him because there was a void. He is the master of stating the obvious, and leaving nothing to the imagination (Ali Ferzat is the total opposite), his technique is juvenile and he never really understood Arab politics beyond the shallow "Resistance good, US bad" prism. He is obviously influenced by "anti imperialists" who have proven to be very dogmatic, close minded and incapable of separating the revolution from its supporters. Syrians were cursed to have US and Saudi "support" their revolution (by doing nothing for the record) yet Anti imperialists took that sham support and coud not wait to support Assad or be anti revolution. They rationalized  that if they supported the Syrians in their quest for freedom they are supporting the "global imperial/zionists conspiracy to undermine the resistance regime" so many people I highly respected were exposed the moment the Children of Daraa wrote "the people want to overthrow the regime" add Carlos Latuff to that list. After the Houla massacre this is what he could come up with : a cowardly baseless depiction. The Syrian people are not victims of the FSA and the Syrian Army, they are victims of the Syrian Army and the Shabeeha of the pen who under the guise of anti imperialism have abandoned their ideals and shown they are the polar opposites of the neo cons. When you look at the world through binary  pro/anti imperial perspective you lose sight of what is most important: The people's perspective


Anonymous said...

i might want to add that he contradicts himself every noe and then. he supports free elections in Egypt but when Islamists win, he does that sword coming out of the box stupid cartoon, and yet he did it again for the presidential results.

ppl tried to explain to him but he was too arrogant to at least consider it!

i used to like him but i finally realised how shallow his understanding of the MiddleEast and islam is.

HOWEVER, that does not mean he is total evil. most of his cartoons are amazing despite what ou stated above.. and the least i can say thank you latuff for all the work you did to PAlestine but plz take a mooment before you judge

Anonymous said...

i love this "When you look at the world through binary pro/anti imperial perspective you lose sight of what is most important: The people's perspective"


Zarathustra said...

His work on Palestine is good and he showed courage in face of vicious zionists attacks.

Anonymous said...

"I was never a fan of his childish style and primitive metaphors."

Zara, why did Tony use his crap all over this blog?

Anonymous said...

You have certainly graduated from spitting. There must be great gratitude from some quarters now you swallow for a living.

Anonymous said...

Aren't sides in Syria as blurred as in Libya, with the people trapped in the middle, not only in Latuff's cartoon?

For those who think Latuff is wrong on the Islamists account, they should study the history of periods when religion joined politics to rule together. So far that inevitably resulted in the elimination of reason and justice for totalitarian rule. I don't see any indication that would be different with Islam nowadays. Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results is insanity.