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Response to As'ad Abu Khalil's blog post "Lebanon on the brink (I of II)"

Post by Angry Hoax in response to Angry Arab's Lebanon On the Brink (I of II)

The assertion that the Hizb. was wise for avoiding clashes with Syria is something I would expect to read at the Onion. On behalf of the “Arab” population and their respective opinions, I want to thank the Hizb for not over reacting and launching a full scale war against the Syrian Regime. 
The Lebanese citizens and civilians are always afraid that the Hizb will over react, just like they did on May 7th, and take to the streets in attempt to cleanse the Lebanese cities from all “un-Lebanese” people. But now, it’s clear that the eventual hostile take-over of Lebanon by the Hizb would be only due to entrapment, and to secure the nations northern and eastern borders against illegal immigrations, and kidnappings of Lebanese people by the Syrian regimes, and lets us not forget to stimulate the economy with pictures of Iranian Clerics and Syrian Autocrats, because without these pictures we might forget our idols. 
This article borders on perversion, as it tries equating PLO with the Hizb and in essence equating the Phalangest/Kowat as the only force against the Hizb, which is not true, soon I would imagine the kidnapping of 13  men would be equated to the massacre in Tel-El-Zaater. Furthermore, As’ad is trying to conjure the sympathies that many Lebanese share towards the Palestinians people and their just cause to be somewhat the same situation that the Hizb finds himself to be in Lebanon. Which is equally untrue.
The idea that the hizb is a victim is only true in the minds that are going to commit atrocities and to justify this un-civil act of taking a life they have to psyche themselves to believe that they represent the victim in this struggle. They learned from the best, our Israeli enemy. 
The fabrication that the Hizb must remain in existence to liberate Shabaa Farms is possibly the biggest insult to all foremost the amoebas. What is true is the Hizb. feeds on the enthusiasm of many Lebanese people that aspire to see justice for the Palestinians in their times, as Palestine is the universal expression of injustice and even the thought of its liberation is intoxicating, so you can imagine that having a Party that represents a vehicle to attain such libation/liberation, is admired by many.
However, to mistake admiration with political execution, or action, that is a fool’s game. The double standards for Palestinian treatment within Lebanon by the same people who admire them btw, is appalling, degenerative, and inexcusable and any talk about Liberating Palestine From Lebanon while laying witness to the  enslaving of Palestinians in ghetto camps and forcing generations upon generations of Palestinians to waste in Lebanon without access to job market, or education, or health, and banned to travel, even Palestinians born in Lebanon, and even the children of Lebanese mothers and Palestinian fathers who are considered Palestinian are not granted Lebanese citizenship….or if you go back to the sinister treatment of Palestinians by the Syrian Regime through Amal during the camps war, 1985 – 1987, without prejudice to the suffering endured during Sabra and Shatila and Israeli Invasion.  The Palestinians, though their cause is admired they are Exploited by everyone, their cause is a “talking point” for the Authority in power in the Arab World, propaganda for the masses, and the Hizb albeit a late comer is  a peddler, and As'ad is being naive at best. 
The Hizb, has become another derivative of this talk, let us not forget he outwardly supports the same inhumane conditions imposed on the Palestinians in Lebanon, under the guise that they are refugees and not permanent resident, see the logic is if they are granted equal rights and residency status then who is going to live in Palestine when it’s liberated? So basically the Hizb will sacrifice all of Lebanon’s children for Palestinian Land, but he could care less about the ensuring basic rights for Palestinians who are literally his neighbors. 
You might think this odd behavior, yea, it does not help that most of the remaining Palestinians in Lebanon are Sunni. However, paradoxical behavior towards the Palestinian is the norm in the Arab world, it’s the soulful glue that helps regimes such as Syria survive for over 40 years.  
Make no mistake the Hizb. is not a victim and it’s not there for the benefit of Lebanon, it’s not progressive, it’s not nationalistic, it’s a 100% sectarian aligning itself with other Parties because the current conditions of the country demanded to do so;
The Hizb. is a dominating political, commercial and military force in Lebanon, who have chosen to remain in constant revolution mode and to be at the full service of other client states (Iran and Syria to name a few) so that to leverage the political ambitions of these states and hold hostage the rest of Lebanon, as such the heroes – the former perception of the Hizb that liberated Lebanon - became just another player in an ugly game of attrition and terror for terror tactics.
The disenchantment with the Hizb is contagion with their hypocritical stand against the Syrian People and Against the Iraqi people, the Hizb. revealed itself, and once you reveal yourself you’re obviously more vulnerable to the truth. It’s the truth that is destabilizing Lebanon, the ability to see and say that Syrian Regime are thugs who have hijacked the proud country of Syria and its resources for 40 years, that endless fighting on Lebanese Soil is not the solution to the Palestinian diaspora, and understanding that Lebanese after fighting for 50 years for other people and nation causes they have some serious identity problems, so the people are a mix bag, but they are not beyond sizing the Hizb. and their intentions while at the same time understanding the Israel is an enemy.
The Lebanese civilians must pay a heavy price due to the fact the Hizb. continues to reveal its true sectarian colors, but what can the Lebanese do? the Lebanese people are not allowed to point out the obvious? everyone should just ignore the obvious otherwise we prove that we are NATO Lovers and we Hate the Palestinians? We are fundamentalists, imperialists, clueless or we are in bed with our forbidden GCC lovers, or we smell like donkey Zionist poo, or whatever the insult of the month happens to be … We have heard it all, and it will not change what the Hizb have become.
it’s time to accept what the Hizb has evolved into, rather to warp reality as what As’ad has tried to do in his latest hit piece against the Lebanese civilians in his blog entry at the alakhbar.

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Tony Sayegh said...

The views of the Lousy Arab have degenerated so much, that I no longer even visit his blog.

The man has a very serious (psychiatric?) problem and he needs recognition at any cost.