Friday, June 6, 2008

JPost Analyzes 'Realistic' Undetectable Route to Iran


"06/06/2008 "Ten fighter jets take off from a base in northern Israel, fly over Jordan, Iraq and into Iran to bomb air-defense missile systems, radar stations and nuclear facilities. They then leave Iranian airspace safely without sustaining any enemy fire:" this is, basically, the "undetectable route to Iran," found by Israeli journalist Yaakov Katz to be "realistic in the near future."

In an analysis published in the Israeli daily Jerusalem Post, Katz noted that the key for that route was the F-22 single-seater, double-engine aircraft, manufactured by Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, Texas. "Through a combination of its shape, composite materials, color and other integrated systems, it can fly in enemy airspace without being detected," he said.

To date, the US government has clamped an embargo on the sale of the aircraft to foreign countries. But on Wednesday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reportedly raised the issue with President George Bush in Washington according to the analysis. Other talks have taken place in recent months at the Defense Ministry-Pentagon level......"

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