Monday, June 2, 2008

Shameless in Ramallah

A Very Good Comment

By Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

"...This scandalous betrayal assumes many forms, including brazen “security coordination” with the occupation army, arresting and torturing political opponents on Israel’s behalf and tacitly encouraging Israel to close down or seize Islamic-oriented orphanages and boarding schools in Hebron.

It is also widely believed that there is a deep collusion between Israel and the PA in maintaining and even tightening the year-long hermetic blockade Israel is imposing on Gaza, which has killed hundreds of people and pushed the estimated 1.5 million inhabitants of the coastal enclave to the brink of famine......

The PA, too, is actively conspiring to keep up the Nazi-like siege on Gaza while at the same time making strident public statements denouncing the blockade. This proves, if proof were needed, that PA hatred of Hamas exceeds by far whatever alleged concern the PA may have for the survival and welfare of the people of Gaza......

In fact, PA leaders continued to meet and exchange kisses with the leaders of the very state whose murderous army never stopped killing Palestinian children and women on daily basis. The last of such meetings took place at the time of writing this piece......

Well, if the PA is truly opposed to Israeli crimes, including the unrelenting settlement expansion, why is it giving the impression that there is no crisis facing the ongoing talks with Israel?

And why did the PA invite Israeli officials, including former cabinet ministers, to the Bethlehem Investment Conference last week? And why do PA security agencies continue to arrest and harass critics of the Israeli occupation on Israel’s behalf?

Today, the real decision-maker in the PA is not really Mahmoud Abbas or his de-facto Prime Minister Salam Fayyadh. Unfortunately, the final say lies with an American General called Keith Dayton, the very man who last year sought unsuccessfully to ignite a Palestinian civil war in Gaza that could have killed tens of thousands of Palestinians. Interestingly, this Dayton reports directly to hardcore Zionist neocon called Elliot Abrams who on several occasions indicated that his ultimate goal was to morph the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into an inter-Palestinian civil war.

It is Dayton who calls the shots and issues the instructions and decides who receives a salary and who doesn’t. It is Dayton who decides who remains in his job and who is fired. It is Dayton who provides the PA with Israeli-supplied lists of Palestinians who ought to be arrested because they pose a threat to Israel’s security and therefore to the peace process. It is Dayton who routinely visits Palestinian cities to be briefed on the security clampdown on the Palestinian opposition. Dayton is actually the real head of the Palestinian Authority......

Interestingly, it is clear that while the PA is meticulously working with the Israeli army to repress any active resistance to the occupation in the West Bank, the Fatah leadership is also trying desperately to thwart any prospective ceasefire in Gaza . This is done mainly by instructing the group’s supporters to fire home-made rockets onto Israeli settlements in order to demonstrate that Hamas can’t enforce a ceasefire.

The nearly daily rocket-firing by Fatah in Gaza is also aimed at giving Israel a pretext to invade and overrun Gaza and murder hundreds or thousands of Gazans, presumably including the leaders of Hamas, so that Gaza would be handed over anew to Abbas and Muhammed Dahlan on a silver platter.

Isn’t this really disgraceful?"

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