Thursday, October 11, 2007

Claims of a turning point in Iraq are just wishful thinking

In spite of the impact of the surge and US-armed Sunni groups, resistance is bound to continue until the occupiers leave

Seumas Milne
Thursday October 11, 2007
The Guardian

".....Supporters of the Iraq war have consistently underestimated the resistance campaign, which has in the words of a Brigades statement this week demonstrated that a "self-sufficient movement" can "destabilise the most powerful opponents". It's hardly surprising that more US troops and better tactics would have at least a temporary impact on the resistance. But the idea that it's about to fall into an American embrace because of an occupation-sponsored vigilante movement is as preposterous as the pretence that a prime minister who says he cannot "move a single company without coalition approval" is in charge of an independent democratic government. The tragedy is that the price being paid to win Iraq's independence is so horrifically high."

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