Saturday, October 13, 2007

David Horowitz: A Nazi mind with a Jewish face

Comment by Khalid Amayreh

".....In fact, the enormous mass murder during World War II couldn’t have happened had it not been for the solid infrastructure of hate that the Nazis created in the late 1920s and 1930s.

For example, in his book, Mein Kampf, or My Struggle, Hitler uses the main thesis of "The Jewish peril", which speaks of a Jewish conspiracy to control the world.

This is exactly, what many Nazi-minded Zionists are doing these days, with their explicit goal being to defame, vilify, demonize and dehumanize the world’s estimated 1.5 billion Muslims.....

In this context, David Horowitz, a notorious icon of Jewish Islamophobia, is embarking on venomous campaign to make American college students hate everything and anything Muslim and Islamic.

In a calculated effort to vilify Islam and generate support for further US military aggressions against Muslim countries, Horowitz is proclaiming an “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” on dozens of American college campuses starting Oct. 22.

The very term “Islamo-fascism” is obviously very tendentious and scandalously inaccurate. In fact, one could argue with absolute certitude that the term is an inherent and eternal oxymoron, since Islam represents the ideological antithesis of fascism, a western concept based on authoritarianism, chauvinism, jingoism, bellicosity and militarism......

Of course, Jesus Christ, the messenger of love and charity, is the last thing on earth that would come to Horowitz’ mind as he prepares for his hate campaign against Muslims on American campuses.

His real goal is to prepare the psychological environment for more American wars against Muslims in order to allow Israel to complete its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians Muslims and Christians in both Israel and the West Bank......

Hence, it is not far fetched to expect that these Nazi-minded Jews, who actually are a cancer upon Judaism’s moral conscience and spiritual ideals, are trying to use America’s vast resources to wage open-ended war on Islam on Israel’s behalf.

Yesterday, it was Iraq. Now, they want to get the US government to invade and attack Iran. And then Syria…and God knows who is next?....

Finally, a word to Jews, especially conscientious Jews. Why don’t you speak up against these paragons of hate amongst you? Why don’t you proclaim your opposition to their Nazi-like ideology and behavior? Does a Nazi discourse become kosher or acceptable when promoted by Jews?....."

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