Sunday, October 7, 2007

USraeli-Sponsored Sectarianism and “Creative Destruction” Must be Defeated in Palestine

By Tony Sayegh

After inflicting horrors of biblical proportions on Iraq, including the killing of over 2 million Iraqis in the last dozen years, and creating the largest refugee exodus since the Palestinian Nakba, the evil brains behind USraeli policies are moving to replicate the same horrors in Palestine and in Lebanon.

Just as the U.S. Senate passed a resolution, with an overwhelming majority, calling for the partitioning of Iraq, we see a de-facto partitioning of occupied Palestine at the behest of USrael. That partitioning is being implemented with the full, wholehearted participation of USrael’s stooge, Mahmoud Abbas and his mercenary forces.

Just as sectarian killing and ethnic cleansing in Iraq started with the implementation of the “Salvador option” by forming USraeli-created, financed, armed, trained and directed death squads, the American General Keith Dayton has been overseeing the creation of comparable death squads in Palestine. The same U.S. Congress demanding the partitioning of Iraq has approved close to $50 millions for the arming and training of these Palestinian death squads.

The policy of “creative destruction” is being intensified inside the Gaza Strip simultaneously with the criminal total siege on 1.5 million Palestinians living there. Death squads loyal to Abbas and his warlords in the Green Zone in Ramallah have been intensifying their campaign of terror inside Gaza. The car bomb has been introduced to spread random killing and mayhem. Some Abbas loyalists have been caught planting bombs and others were killed while rigging a car bomb.

The stooge Abbas is carrying out this policy to destabilize Hamas and to restore his fetid and corrupt control over the Gaza Strip. However, the USraeli objective is far more sinister. Having prevented the emergence of a Palestinian state, the USraeli objective is to destroy the Palestinians as a society, culture and people. By making living conditions unbearable, conditions for “voluntary” immigration are created. Analogous to the millions of Iraqi refugees, the goal is to depopulate what is left of Palestine to solve the “Palestinian problem” once and for all.

This campaign of terror inside Gaza entered a new and dangerous phase yesterday when a 30-year old Palestinian Christian was killed. He owned and operated a book store which sold bibles and religious publications. The sinister plan had an obvious goal, which is to blame Hamas for the killing and to ignite Muslim-Christian strife in Palestine, similar to that which was successfully ignited in Iraq.

To its credit, Hamas denounced this heinous crime and pledged to pursue those responsible. It is no accident that this murder took place at the same time that car bombs and other explosions were detonated in Gaza. The forces behind these murderous acts are the same death squads which receive instructions from Abbas and his boss, General Keith Dayton.

Muslim-Christian relations in Palestine have always been excellent and they must remain that way. The Palestinians are politically sophisticated and too alert to allow such destructive sectarianism to spread. All Palestinians are in the same boat, and Christians are not suffering any less in Palestine under the occupation than their Muslim brothers and neighbors. Palestinian Christians, by and large, have been determined patriots who fought and continue to fight for the rights of all Palestinians. The leaders of several Palestinian resistance movements as well as some of the best-known writers and thinkers have been Christians.

It is imperative that all Palestinians stand together to expose and to defeat these sinister plans. Media outlets bear special responsibility: They should be very careful about what they publish. Stories that inflame the situation and are obviously planted for that purpose should be rejected. All have to rise to the required level of responsibility. We are all targeted and either we stand together or we become the refugees of even a bigger Nakba.

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