Saturday, October 13, 2007

Michael Rubin: Neocon Bunting on Giuliani’s Dog and Pony Show

By Kurt Nimmo

"Astute political commentators realize Rudy Giuliani doesn’t stand a chance of becoming the next commander and decider guy, as that position is reserved for a Democrat, most likely Hillary Clinton. Our rulers are fond of the musical chairs process, selecting a Republican one term and a Democrat the next, providing the illusion we are throwing out the bums, when in fact we are voting for the same old globalist one-worlders. Thus Giuliani has nothing to lose by staffing his campaign with irredeemable neocons, most recently Michael Rubin and David Frum. “They join a staunchly neo-conservative team that includes Martin Kramer, an Israeli-American Shi’ism expert who wrote a book several years ago faulting the U.S. Middle East academic community for failing to anticipate the rise of al-Qaeda; Norman Podhoretz, a founder of the neo-conservative movement, who counsels a military strike to stop Iran from developing a nuclear program; Stephen Rosen, a Harvard University national security professor, and Peter Berkowitz, a law professor at George Mason University in Virginia,” notes the Jewish Telegraph Agency......

But it really does not matter. Not only will Giuliani not make the grade, but the next “president” will continue the neocon process, albeit this time around sans all the histrionic bravado, as the neolibs—separated at birth from the neocons—are as jazzed to make Muslims suffer, not specifically in the name of Israel but rather as part of a campaign to put heat on the hold-outs, those with ethical and cultural opposition to world banksterism, the IMF, GAT, World Bank, the NAFTAization of the world under the aegis of the money-makers ensconced in the City of London."

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