Thursday, April 3, 2008

Once Again, What Hamas Said Turns Out to Be the Truth

Independent PA panel: Hamas man 'tortured to death' in custody

Comment: It has now become a regular occurrence. Hamas presents the facts of an event; the Western media and the official press of the Arab regimes either deny the Hamas version of the event, ignore it, or just claim the opposite to be true.

We had the detailed account of the US conspiring with Jordan and Egypt to topple the democratically elected Hamas, which was published by Vanity Fair. Basically the US was arming and training Palestinian contras under the command of Abbas to mount a coup against Hamas. Hamas has been saying this for over a year, and that Hamas was forced to act and abort this coup as any legitimate government would do. Yet the Western media and the official Arab press kept parroting the puppet Abbas in saying that Hamas is the one who staged a coup and took control of Gaza by force. Up is down and black is white.

This story deals with the torture to death of a Hamas supporter in the West Bank at the hands of Abbas' terror police, in one of his Abu Ghraibs in the West Bank. Initially the PA and official Arab media claimed that the man died a natural death, after only a week in the PA torture center. This despite witness accounts and a video of the victim's body (posted here) showing the evidence of brutal torture.

This independent investigation corroborates what Hamas has been saying. Now, the PA and Abbas can't keep denying and lying. The evidence is clear: the man was brutally tortured to death under the direction of Abbas' head of intelligence services, Tirawi. Not only that, but scores (if not hundreds) of Hamas supporters are being held and tortured in a similar way in Abbas' jails, only for their political views. This is the police state without a state, known as the PA, which is supported by the US and the EU.

Being honest and truthful with the people has been one of Hamas' traits. This is only one of the reasons for its increased support among Palestinians, simultaneous with the trashing of Abbas and what he stands for.


"Palestinian lawmakers probing the death in custody of a preacher from the
Islamist Hamas movement said on Thursday he had been "tortured to death" by security men loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas.

A self-appointed investigation team comprising six independent lawmakers determined that Majd al-Barghouthi died as a result of torture and said the head of the Fatah-run intelligence services, Tawfiq Tirawi, should be held to account. Another commission which Abbas appointed in late February to investigate the matter has not yet delivered its verdict, although a pathologist working on behalf of Fatah said he had not found signs of torture on Barghouthi's body.
Independent lawmaker Hassan Khreisheh, a member of the investigating commission, said it had observed "torture marks" on the legs, back and arms of the 45-year-old father of nine, who had been detained for a week before his death.
He said witnesses had told the commission that Barghouthi had been tortured in a "mad manner". "We demand that this incident close the chapter of political detention once and for all," Khreisheh told Reuters.

He said the lawmakers had demanded that Abbas punish anyone who participated in, ordered or oversaw the torture of Barghouthi.
In February, Hamas officials accused security agents from Abbas's secular Fatah faction of torturing Barghouthi to death but security officials said he had died of a stroke. ......."

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