Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Fate of Palestine: Caught between Two Delusions

By Dr. Manal A. Jamal
Palestine Chronicle

"Blind optimism, group think, and a fundamental misreading of developments are not unique to Palestinian politics; all movements are lost in disarray at some points in history. The trouble with Palestine is that these two delusions, a debate trapped between the limited parameters of the one-state and truncated two-state narratives, has lost complete touch with reality.

On the one hand, we have the ‘Fayyadists,’ over-confident as they are illegitimate, convinced that unilateral economic projects, lip service to good governance, and a nod from the European Union will somehow yield sovereign, autonomous statehood. Along with Fatah, they are obstinately convinced that negotiations to nowhere without pre-conditions, maintenance of their power at the helm, and a criminal blockade against Gaza is in the interest of the Palestinian people........

Time is not necessarily on the side of the Palestinians, and the ‘over-confidence’ of some Palestinians at this moment in history is misplaced......

In the world of politics, there is a distinction between material realities and ideal situations. In the 21st century, a democratic, one state solution, in which each person has one vote, regardless of religion would be ideal. Desires and visions, however do not shape reality: Further crippling of Palestinian West Bank enclaves and demographic pressures alone are not going to yield bi-national arrangements without a concrete political program.

Unfortunately, a truthful reading of where Palestine is today points to the very real possibility that a ‘no-state’ option is real....."

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