Monday, May 17, 2010

A war of their own: Democrats target Pakistan

Obama’s Gulf of Tonkin

by Justin Raimondo, May 17, 2010

"....The irony here is that, as Haroon reminded his American audience, Pakistan has captured and handed over to the US more actual terrorists – i.e. top al-Qaeda operatives – than our own FBI, or any other law enforcement agency anywhere. This is how we thank them – by setting them up for an invasion on bogus charges of “harboring” terrorists.

When it comes to reporting the Shahzad case, it’s incredible that the “mainstream” media isn’t challenging the administration’s narrative. Although maybe, given the media’s longstanding infatuation with the President, this is just a case of love being blind.

As it turns out, Shahzad was fingered in a leak to the media even before he was arrested. This has all the earmarks of a manufactured story, straight out of the Bush administration’s neocon-written play-book [.pdf]. Except that the tall tales told by the boys over in the Pentagon’s policy shop were a helluva lot more credible and believable, on the face of it, than this ill-smelling narrative about Shahzad and his tenuous “connections.” ....."

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