Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Hezbollah; Getting Ready for Israel


"16/05/2010 Yedioth Aharonoth’s Alex Fishman wrote that the Israeli Army was to “head into the next Lebanon war with more firepower and upgraded capabilities.”

Fishman expressed concern about the alleged Scud missile transfer from Syria to Hezbollah which constitutes “a threat on Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona.”
According to his analysis, Hezbollah “does not have plans to take over areas in the Galilee. It may have the ability to raid a community, in order to produce drama, yet its war will focus on firing rockets and missiles deep into Israel, over time. For that reason, most of its fortifications aim to protect and feed its strategic arm.”

“This protection is premised on roughly 160 military compounds established in southern Lebanon, in villages and in their vicinity, including in Christian enclaves. For that reason, when the IDF held drills it referred to the communities as military compounds in every way. For a change, the army will head into the next war in Lebanon with a plan that had already been practiced,” Fishman added.

In his article, Fishman sought to portray Hezbollah as a “vulnerable force” especially after “its long-range missiles were destroyed within 35 minutes” during the 2006 war. He suggests that “the Israeli Air Force's and ground forces' abilities in terms of accurate weaponry and hitting such targets have improved since then, by several notches.”

Speaking to Al-Manar, expert in Israeli affairs Mohammed Yussuf, undermined Fisher’s claims saying “if this was the case then Israel should have hit Hezbollah a long time ago without fear of the Islamic Resistance’s fire power. Fisher is trying to lift the morale of his audience especially when he brushes aside the possession of Hezbollah to advanced weapons because they require maintenance and high technological capabilities. He should remember that the resistance had downed an Israeli helicopter, sank a Saar vessel, melted the pride Israel “The Merkavas” and infiltrated the Israeli army’s telecommunication system during the 2006 war in which they (Israelis) conceded defeat according to the Winograd Report. The author should not delude his audience. Israeli leaders are not deluding their public because they understand that as their army has been building up, Hezbollah has been doing the same.”....."

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