Thursday, September 17, 2009

Palestinian Camps Are Ready to Erupt

27 Years After the Sabra / Shatila Massacre


Martyr’s Square, Shatila Camp

"Meandering the alleys and ground vapors of the wet fetid stench in Beirut’s Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp, 27 years after the 1982 Sabra Shatila Massacre, one witnesses a dystopia. This shanty ground, is the most squalid of the World’s 59 Palestinian Refugee Camps, including the eight in Gaza.

The Camp is an island society of misery characterized by poverty, oppression, tension, nearly 40 per cent unemployment, depression, rising domestic violence, rising student dropout rates, deep frustration among youth eager to enroll in university for fall semester but there is neither tuition money nor places for most Palestinians. The camp families are experiencing rising numbers of respiratory disease cases, nonexistent health care for the majority, pollution and the near total abridgement of civil rights. Many see an explosion on the horizon......"

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