Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Targeting Britain's war industry

Sarah Irving, The Electronic Intifada, 15 September 2009
(Sarah Irving is a freelance writer from Manchester, UK. She worked with the International Solidarity Movement in the West Bank in 2001-02 and with Olive Co-op, promoting fair trade Palestinian products and solidarity visits, in 2004-06. She now writes full-time on a range of issues, including Palestine. She has also been involved in helping the Target Brimar campaign's publicity effort.)

""Warfighters around the world rely on Brimar products every day," a small company from Manchester in northwest England boasts on its publicity material. Brimar makes screens and viewfinders which allow helicopter pilots and tank gunners to carry out their bloody jobs in Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan. But a new local campaign is looking to turn Brimar's boast on its head, and it's just one of a number of British campaigns confronting the companies which arm the Israeli military......."

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