Saturday, March 13, 2010

For the pathological Israeli Zionist mind, the Palestinian Bedouins' public space is "illegal settlement" but Ma'leh Adumin is not!!

Bedouins fight state for land near Dead Sea
Amira Haas

"Unless immediate action is taken to destroy the public buildings (Palestinian/Bedouin) at the site, the illegal settlement there will be a fait accompli and could effectively dictate the status of the whole huge area between Ma'aleh Adumim and the Dead Sea ... It is easy to anticipate the complications the authorities would face when coming to implement demolition orders against a religious place of worship and a school, once their construction is completed and they begin to fulfill their functions."
It's well documented archaeological facts and findings that the ancestors of those Bedouins were dwelling in the area, in an uninterrupted fashion for at least three thousand years! But the Zionist best understanding of History is what they read and parse from the Old Testament..Understandable maybe when they want to build a mythology-based Jewish state but totally irrational and nonsensical indeed!

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