Sunday, March 7, 2010

There has never been an Israeli peace camp

[Comment: this goes back to what I said a few days ago. You can not be human and have any sense of humanity and human values and be proud of being a citizen of "Israel". As long as these imperialist colonizers REFUSE to acknowledge who they are, their crimes and the crimes of their forefathers against the Palestinians since 1948 NOT 1967, they have no chance of
existing in the middle east. They have to renounce Zionism same way Germans renounced Nazism and acknowledged their crimes against humanity, The so called Israeli left/peace camp is a sham and there are maybe a handful of "Israelis" that are genuine but not enough to exonerate the 99.6% of the "Israelis" and the countless Zionist Jews around the world who are guilty directly or indirectly of the suffering , oppression and dispossession of the native population of Palestine]

By Gideon Levy, Haaretz Correspondent

The Israeli peace camp didn't die. It was never born in the first place. While it's true that since the summer of 1967, several radical and brave political groups have been working against the occupation - all worthy of recognition - a large, influential peace camp has never existed here.

Above all, however, the problem was rooted in the left's impossible adherence to Zionism in its historical sense.
In precisely the way there cannot be a democratic and Jewish state in one breath, one has to first define what comes before what - there cannot be a left wing committed to the old-fashioned Zionism that built the state but has run its course. This illusory left wing never managed to ultimately understand the Palestinian problem - which was created in 1948, not 1967 - never understanding that it can't be solved while ignoring the injustice caused from the beginning. A left wing unwilling to dare to deal with 1948 is not a genuine left wing.

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