Friday, December 31, 2010


By Eric Margolis
December 31, 2010

"A political earthquake seems about to rock Sudan and send tremors across Africa. A referendum is scheduled to occur in a little over a week – on 9 January 2011 - in which southern Sudan’s eight million inhabitants may vote to separate from the 34 million citizens of northern Sudan and create their own new nation - South Sudan.

Since much of Africa’s current borders were drawn by European colonial powers, any changes are likely to unleash dangerous tensions or demands for secession across the continent.....

Just at a time when the US is increasingly active in Djibouti, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, it finds itself ever more deeply involved in engineering the break-up of Sudan. All this may be a bridge too far for the already over-stretched US military, intelligence services, and State Department, not to mention the empty US Treasury that now runs on borrowed money.

So all eyes on Sudan in the coming weeks."

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