Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tony Kushner: an angel in America

Kushner's drama has explored the McCarthyite witchhunts. How ironic that he was persecuted for criticising Israel's government

Amy Goodman, Wednesday 11 May 2011

"....I interviewed Tony Kushner soon after he got word that his honorary degree had been restored. He said US policy toward the Middle East "based on rightwing fantasies and theocratic fantasies and scripture-based fantasies of what history and on-the-ground reality is telling us, is catastrophic and is going to lead to the destruction of the state of Israel". He went on:

"These people are not defending it. They're not supporting it. They're, in fact, causing a distortion of US policy regarding Israel and a distortion of the internal politics of Israel itself, because they exert a tremendous influence in Israel and support rightwing politicians who, I think, have led the country into a very dark and dangerous place."

During the McCarthy era, the US was a dark and dangerous place as well. Now, amid the uprisings in the Arab and Muslim world, the recent rapprochement between Fatah and Hamas, and the likely recognition of Palestinian statehood by the United Nations general assembly, there is no more urgent time for vigorous and informed debate....."

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