Saturday, May 14, 2011

Want a Huge Laugh? Gaddafi "wants to be like the Japanese emperor, or Castro....and lead a dignified life"

Does He Look Dignified to You?

Muammar Gaddafi is hoping that a 'dignified' exit will halt air strikes

Libyan dictator plans a gradual transition from autocratic rule, say officials, as ICC arrest warrant is prepared

Martin Chulov in Tripoli, Saturday 14 May 2011

"....Interviews with four regime members have confirmed that Gaddafi knows his time is up. "But he isn't going to run away to Venezuela," one official said. "He wants to move to the background and lead a dignified life. He himself has said he wants to be like the Japanese emperor, or Castro."

"He knows and we know that Libya doesn't have a future through imposing his cult of personality on the people and the world," said a second official. "There is no question that the country needs reforms, many reforms."....."

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