Friday, May 13, 2011

The youth will win in Yemen

The youth will win in YemenWe will complete our revolution and oust President Saleh, with or without international support

Wasim Alqershi, Thursday 12 May 2011

"....The Gulf initiative presents a way out for the regime, prolonging its life and stirring up disagreement between the youth and the opposition parties – who agreed to the initiative under pressure from the international community and to "stop the bloodshed". Our young people have decided to escalate civil disobedience until Saleh's regime is overthrown. It remains for the international community to realise that the youth will complete their revolution with or without international support.

However, the withdrawal of international legitimacy from Saleh would achieve two things: it would stop Saleh from killing any more young people; and it would reinforce the values of freedom, justice, equality and democracy for which we are struggling....."

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