Friday, July 6, 2007

The World Turned Upside-Down

Bizarro Bush thinks he's George Washington, but he's really George III
By Justin Raimondo

"I see that our befuddled, subliterate president is likening U.S. troops in Iraq to the soldiers of the Continental Army: this is true, but only in the Bizarro World sense employed by Bush and his neocon minions, who live in an alternate universe where up is down, right is wrong, and the invasion of Iraq is a great triumph. "We give thanks for all the brave citizen-soldiers of our Continental Army who dropped pitchforks and took up muskets to fight for our freedom and liberty and independence," Bush said. "You're the successors of those brave men. … Like those early patriots, you're fighting a new and unprecedented war."

The central organizing principle of the Bizarro World sub-universe is inversion, and the president's comparison is a sterling example of Bizarro logic in practice: the American revolutionaries were rebelling against an arrogant imperial entity that had oppressed and brutalized them beyond the limits of tolerance, therefore they are like the conquering army of occupation currently battling an insurgency that enjoys the active support of the Iraqi civilian population. Get it?......"

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