Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Israel Lobby and the War Party

Or do I repeat myself?

By Justin Raimondo

".....The Israelis don't want to negotiate, but they're willing to go through the motions – after all, why not? It's just another way for them to thumb their noses at everyone, including their American benefactors. They'll never make meaningful concessions: there's no reason to as long as there are no constraints on their behavior. As long as a steady stream of American aid and arms keeps the Israeli ship of state afloat, Israel is the regional superpower, with none of its neighbors a match for its nuclear-armed military might.

Why should the Israelis be interested in peace, when war has been so good to them? War gave them their country to begin with: first against the British, then against the indigenous Arabs, then against the entire Arab world – all of whom they beat handily.....

Israel is sitting pretty, right now, openly threatening its patron and financier, the United States government, with taking the Iranian nuke matter into its own hands and launching an attack on suspected nuclear facilities – leaving U.S. troops in Iraq to face the Iranians and their Iraqi allies. Gee, thanks a lot, guys....."

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