Saturday, December 15, 2007

Spain's PSOE Socialist Party Follows The Same Foreign Policy As The PP Under Aznar

A Great Article
By Agustín Velloso

Contributed by Lucia in Spain

"......It is unimaginable, for example, that a Spanish left wing official might, for example, declare total support for Venezuela's Bolivarian project towards socialism. As well as that project being attractive to those who call themselves socialists, we are joined to that country by history, language, customs, religion, blood and whatever else one might want to add.

Still, Moratinos the socialist throws all Spain's weight - the slightness of which he recognises, at least - behind a country that has broken international law since its founding 60 years ago, with which Spain has had diplomatic relations for just 20 years and with which it has little in common except military exchanges and arms sales; a country which is a pariah State not just for a billion Muslims but for a large part of the world; a country that daily kills and thieves in Palestine and which is the main ally - or more correctly, accomplice - of the other great planetary delinquent, the United States; a country that has recently attacked Lebanon leaving it with thousands dead and littered with bombs ready to explode; a country that threatens Iran and which has been covertly or openly involved in wars around the world, in Nicaragua, Colombia, South Africa and Iraq; a country with nuclear weapons; a country that has sentenced the Palestinians to genocide by means of a blockade unique in human history for being applied to refugees who are supposed to be protected - clearly no more than theoretically - by international law. The list goes on....

One needs to look back at the recent past to explain the re-heated love affair between zionism and the PSOE. Just over a year ago on July 20th 2006, Moratinos attended a breakfast of the New Economic Forum with leading zionist business people. According to El Pais the next day, one of these, Mauricio Hatchwell, expressed the "indignation" of Jewish people in Spain at some remarks the day before by Spain's President, "They are anti-Israeli and anti-semitic statements and we cannot accept them." He was referring to the mild - not to say cowardly - assessment by Zapatero of Israel's attack on Lebanon which he described as "an excessive use of force", something any high-school student of a course like Citizenship, Ethics or Religion would identify with no difficulty as a war crime.....

If one sets aside the Zionist interference in Spain's politics, and the bad manners and contempt for the Minister, for the PSOE and for Spanish society - in regard to which one hears no patriotic protests or op-eds against the Zionists in El Pais or in other media, in contrast to what happens with Chavez - one can see that the above rebukes had an educative effect on Moratinos......

If Moratinos prefers Zionist goodwill to his own good name, that is his own affair. Whoever wants to can join him. But he has no right nor the authority to enlist everyone in Spain in a revolting and illegal policy.

What appears hardly surprising at all right now is that the PSOE shamelessly apes the foreign policy of the Partido Popular under Aznar, stating publicly its unqualified support for a criminal State and its extreme right wing policies. What is perhaps surprising is that no PSOE member has handed in their party card. After Spain's role in Lebanon, now Israel. Why not PSOI : Politicians Submissive and Obedient to Israel?"

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