Thursday, May 14, 2009

Change We Can Believe In?? Oh....Yeah!

Gazabama Cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Generals Pressed Obama to Block Photo Release.
Is President's Reverse Meant to Avoid Bad Press During Egypt Visit?

"President Obama’s sudden reversal of the Pentagon’s decision to release photos of detainee abuse came, it has been reported, after several top generals including Gen. Petraeus and Gen. Odierno cautioned that they believed the release would cost American lives.

The President’s explanation during today’s press conference was certainly perplexing. He simultaneously argued that the photos didn’t contain anything “particularly sensational” and that releasing them would “further inflame anti-American opinion.” The ACLU has condemned the move, saying it was “profoundly inconsistent with the promise of transparency that President Obama has made time after time.”....."

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